Touch Screen Samples
Your guests see this when entering the photo booth.
We can customize the artwork for your event.
We use adjustable curtains for our photo booths. This allows us to have maximum flexibility. We can change the color of the background curtain or do a green screen effect or shimmer curtains. We are also able to adjust the size of the booth depending on the available space or the type of background you want for your event. You can create a backdrop that matches your decorations or the holiday season you are celebrating. The minimum size of the booth is 4 x 6 feet. Extra space is required for the props table. A 10ft x 10ft space is best, but we are flexible. On the right is a photo of our booth at the West Georgia Bridal Expo. Below is a photo from a corporate event. The electronic section of the booth has a touchscreen monitor and can be customized with artwork or pictures to make the photo booth unique to your event. The camera is a Canon DLSR for professional quality photos. We use a die-sublimation printer that creates the prints in about 10 seconds and automatically cuts the photos. We can print addition copies with a simple tap on the screen. After your photos are printed you can step up to our iPad and send the photos to Facebook, email them to a friend or send them with a text message.


Carrollton, GA (West Georgia Region)